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Welcome to Eagle Title, LLC

To access our updated pre-HUD and quoting system, click here.  Please just click on "Get a Quote" on the page and enter your information.  To receive a login to track your files, please contact our office at 410-266-3600.

Eagle Title, LLC is a nationwide title and escrow company conceived in the idea that we are not just another vendor, we are a partner with our clients to help their business grow and succeed. To do this, we've structured our company differently from our competitors. Behind the scenes, you'll have a small team of dedicated specialists using the latest technology to focus on your particular situation. All you'll see is top-notch customer service.

Why Eagle Title, LLC?

Eagle Title, LLC has the experience and tools to meet the needs of mortgage brokers, realtors, lenders, finance companies, credit unions, and banks. We work hard to make each of our clients happy, and we provide the highest level of customer service.

What is Title Service?

Title services address the legal ownership of the property, tracing the history to make sure all possible claims of ownership and any inconsistencies have been addressed and resolved before the big day. Escrow services focus on the funds changing hands, providing a neutral "holding area" for them until everything is confirmed and they can safely be transferred.

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Eagle Title, LLC was created as a company committed to the needs of its clients and customers. We believe each customer should be given a level of service above and beyond what they expect. To get in touch with us, please click here.